Marine Engineering

Marine engineering from HA Consulting Engineers adapts and rises to meet the challenges of harbour and waterway construction.

A Tough service for tough conditions

Partly due to our location in Norfolk, HA Consulting Engineers has a legacy of working with all types of water channels, breakwaters and harbour and river walls, giving us expertise with a wide range of different historic construction types and methods.
Use our experience to achieve fast and accurate results from your marine engineering project – in the first stage we always recommend a consultation to view your site to understand the basic precepts of your situation, allowing us to better discuss potential solutions and costs.

Fighting the Continual Battle

Over 80% of our marine engineering projects are centred on the repair and refurbishment of existing harbour and waterway infrastructure. Updating these structures requires a rapid investigative process followed by an innovative and flexible approach to problem-solving. Access the knowledge you need for rapid and lasting marine engineering solutions with HA Consulting Engineers.

Permissions and Legislation

One of the most significant issues impacting modern marine engineering projects is the regulatory bodies that govern planning and structural work in these environments. Due to our extensive experience liaising with river and port authorities, we understand how to minimise these potential delays, whilst creating innovative solutions that satisfy even the most stringent constraints.

Engineering Excellence

HA Consulting Engineering has a commitment to creating low-cost solutions for many of the commonly occurring harbour walls and waterway repair issues. Our expertise even includes unique low-cost solutions to replacing harbour walls – which you won’t find anywhere else.
On Target Projects
Over our years of operation, we have created consistently produced proprietary solutions that not only solve your problems, but also meet the demands of your budget.