Types of projects considered

Need a competent service for a difficult build? HA Consulting Engineers has what it takes to excel in all situations.

A comprehensive structural engineering service

Due to our considerable experience and continual adherence to high standards of delivery, HA Consulting Engineers has gained the expertise necessary to work on all types of commercial construction. Over the years our consultants have supported the design and build of various projects ranging from bridges through to multi-million-pound high rise developments.

Our areas of specialism include:

  • Multi-Storey Buildings – for both residential dwellings and commercial usage, including combined purpose buildings that maximise ground floor space for retail and leisure facilities, whilst higher floors are reserved for home-owners.
  • Renovation of Older Buildings – in cases where traditional building techniques have failed to stand the test of time, we can recommend restorative action that not only prevents further erosion and subsidence but shores up the structure for years to come. This includes dealing with the constraints associated with listed buildings.
  • Hazardous Sites – creating structures that meet the requirements of specific legislation detailing the management of hazardous materials. This includes constructing plans for safety architecture, and measures to provide contingency for worst-case scenarios to prevent emergencies.
  • Marine and River Structures – HA Consulting Engineers have considerable experience working with the Broads and rivers authorities in Norfolk. During this time, we have developed unique solutions for replacing old harbour walls without the need for dams, demonstrating our ability to produce innovative engineering within this challenging environment.
  • Sustainable Building Projects – with an increased pressure on developers to use green materials and low carbon footprint building techniques, HA Consulting Engineers can provide a service that streamlines your projects to be as environmentally friendly as possible, reducing ecological damage as a commitment to the future of the local surroundings.

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