Residential Refurbishment

Bringing older buildings back to life

Utilise HA Consulting Engineers’ expertise to streamline your refurbishment projects

Most residential refurbishment starts with an idea. Architects turn this vision into a viable scheme, together with the suggestion of finer details that will substantially improve the value and desirability of a property. HA Consulting Engineers complete the picture, providing viable structural solutions to construct the chosen result. Ensure that your refurbishment project is fully viable with our expert consultation. Create structural changes, improve facilities and enhance building profiles with our expert input.

Initial Inspections

One of the key stages of any refurbishment project is creating an accurate survey. Assessing the current situation of the building and the surrounding grounds will help inform the progress of the work and many aspects of the final design. Let our chartered engineers create an accurate picture of the work necessary to achieve your design objectives.

Overcoming Historic Challenges

Many residential buildings that require updates suffer from problems such as damp and subsidence that have occurred over the years. HA Consulting Engineers has the aptitude to create innovative remedial work, restoring strength and structure to even the most damaged of structures.

From underpinning waterlogged brickwork through to creating new internal support frameworks, we understand how to regenerate constructions and bring new life to old buildings.

An Adaptable and Flexible Approach

Often structural issues with a refurbishment project will not become apparent until during the practical stages. Coping with unexpected damage or erosion requires a positive and proactive approach that can rapidly produce on-the-job problem solving. Site visits and surveys allow us to identify and understand the issue, allowing us to adapt your plans and perform the necessary calculations to achieve the final design.

Your Next Step

Engage HA Consulting Engineers at the earliest stage of your project for the most cost-effective outcome. Our construction and structural expertise can often identify the optimum solutions, helping you stay within budget and reduce timescales.