HA Consulting Engineers was tasked with creating the plans for the new build on the site of a former dairy yard.

Project: To build a new 15-storey luxury accommodation block within the capital’s highly desirable Canary Wharf area

The primary concerns were maximising the limited space available for the new construction whilst delivering all the essential services, and minimising the impact of the development on the adjacent Langdon Park DLR railway station.

Implementation Challenges

During the construction process the following issues arose

  • One of the key features of the new block was 10 reinforced concrete feature columns.
  • The contractor tasked with fitting the reinforcement in these columns had installed the 40mm diameter reinforced lacer bars incorrectly.
  • Rather than using an L-shaped join between the steel bars, they used a side-by-side weld, creating a steel ring, which compromised the structural integrity of each affected column.
  • As a result of this problem we were faced with a choice. Either we found a remedial solution or condemned all the columns, which would have resulted in the demolition of 2 storeys’ worth of reinforced concrete frame.

Issues with the construction of a number of feature columns meant that the proposed building would be structurally unsound

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