Loft Conversion

Maximise the available space in your home

Work with HA Consulting Engineers to create a structurally strong loft conversion

With many loft conversions, as no change is required to the structure of your building, you can engage directly with the services of HA Consulting Engineers.
Avoid costly architectural fees and allow us to produce designs for you that satisfy building regulations and do not need planning permission. Our focus is always on providing you with the maximum possible usable area whilst preserving your building’s integrity.

Initial Investigations

One of the key stages in ensuring that your loft conversion remains on budget is an initial survey. Many houses have unique structural challenges that must be accommodated within in the design work. By highlighting any potential challenges at the earliest point in the project we can effectively build in solutions designed to minimise build times and costs.

Working with Architects

When you want a stylised design approach to your loft conversion, such as dormer windows, skylights, balconies and other features, then you will require planning permission and architectural services to breathe life into your aspirations.

Engage HA Consulting Engineers to work alongside your architect to achieve initial planning drawings that meet the demands of both the planners and the structural constraints of the project.

Competitive Costs

Thanks to our experience of loft conversion projects, we have proven systems that reduce costs by utilising existing structures such as existing ceilings and hidden beams, to reduce the need for building work and changes within your property. Harness our innovative approach to get you the perfect result.

Your Next Step

Engaging HA Consulting Engineers at your earliest opportunity helps give you the best outcome. Let us work with the constraints and character of your house to create a loft conversion that will last for the lifespan of your home.