We constructed a single storey residential extension

Project: Structural engineering design for a single-storey rear extension and internal alterations

HA Consulting Engineers was contracted to perform all the necessary design calculations and details for the Building Regulations application.

Situated at 8 Sidell Close, Norwich, the new construction comprised of a single-storey rear extension to the property incorporating a flat roof with large overhangs and featuring a large lantern roof light.

Initial Considerations

The design work and calculations needed to accommodate the following points

  • A large amount of full height glazing was to be incorporated into the design, raising concerns over how to provide sufficient lateral stability in the structure.
  • The extension design featured a glazed splayed corner, which needed to provide vertical and lateral support.
  • Internal modifications required the removal of several load bearing walls, allowing for an open plan living space in the ground floor of the property.

The chosen structure for the extension incorporated several problematic elements

Structural Support

To create the structural support throughout the extension we implemented

  • A light weight steelwork frame was designed to form the support structure necessary to carry the load in the glazed splayed corner of the extension.
  • The frame was used to integrate the glazing, wall and roof structure into one single streamlined unit in keeping with rest of the extension.
  • We performed extensive design checks on the existing masonry used to form the new openings in the supporting walls. This enabled us to minimise the need for new supports whilst maximising the available space.

Lightweight steel frame allowed us to spread the load throughout the extension’s structure

The Final Outcome

We achieved the following results from the design

  • The innovative design provided an elegant support structure, whilst preserving the streamlined ethos of the architectural plan.
  • The client was delighted with the finished project and the extension.
  • A more pleasurable and functional space was created giving the property a considerably larger living and dining room.

The final construction dramatically increased living space in the property without requiring additional foundations

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