Residential Home Survey

Verify the structural integrity of your new property

HA Consulting Engineers has never made an incorrect evaluation in a house inspection.

Moving to a new house is a strenuous time. Often your mortgage broker will require you to have a full survey performed on your potential property purchase. With buying chains and pressure to complete, you need to work with a company that is both swift and accurate. We aim to provide all reports throughout the East Anglian region within 1-2 working days following completion of the survey, reducing impact of the survey on any potential buying chains.

With over 50 years experience, we have performed hundreds of surveys throughout East Anglia, giving us an excellent local knowledge of soil types and historic building practices.

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Many residences are found to have minor problems and issues that need to be examined through a structural survey.

Chartered Engineers

As Chartered Engineers, will provide an overview of your entire property. We will discuss the history of the property with you to determine the appropriate level of survey. Often the information provided in the homebuyer’s report allows us to create an initial price and survey estimate.

Initial Reports and Findings

Reports range from performing simple visual inspections of a building’s interior and exterior to deploying monitoring technology to investigate subsidence or creep over the course of several weeks. If we arrive at your site and discover additional issues that are overlooked in the report, we will always confirm any further work with you prior to commencement. Many issues with properties are due to inadequate drainage. We can carry out drains tests as well as arranging CCTV camera surveys to accurately trace cracks and erosion.

Further Investigations

Should HA Consulting Engineers find a fault such as suspected subsidence within a property, we provide a full report including both defects and remedial action. Where appropriate we can suggest further surveys through our construction partners and arrange investigations to give a fully comprehensive report.

Most surveys are completed in a single visit and this service is available throughout the whole of the UK