Create the perfect addition to your property

Making your extension designs into a reality

With the property of your dreams on paper, HA Consulting Engineers can provide you with accurate advice on feasibility and structural strength of any proposed work. By employing our innovative understanding of construction practices you can reduce planning complications and potentially save money whilst maintaining your architectural design.

Planning Permission – The Right Time

Many home-owners apply for planning permission before checking that their extension designs are viable. HA Consulting Engineers reviews all your schematics and drawings to ensure that the proposed work is achievable on a realistic budget before submitting the plans for approval. Avoid costly delays and reapplications by accessing our structural engineering knowledge to get it right first time.

Achieving the Home of Your Dreams…

HA Consulting Engineers have a considerable experience of working alongside architects. By acting in a consultative role, we can help you to achieve your design aspirations within the economic constraints of the project. We do not have to liaise directly with your architect and can provide comments on a design from the initial planning drawings for the extension.

At an Attractive Cost

Through a process of communication, we help you understand the possibilities for your extension, creating the building of your dreams. Many designs only require minor changes to save you significant amounts of money on construction materials and structural work. These simple modifications give you the same profile and design at a reduced cost.

Your Next Step

Engage HA Consulting Engineers at the earliest possible stage of your extension plans for the best result. We have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve the perfect addition to their existing property without having to compromise.
It is through our ingenuity and experience that we make outstanding designs possible.