Civil Engineering

We have a proven track record of completing civil engineering projects to specification – on budget and on time

Civil Engineering: Meeting requirements

Modern construction is about more than simply fulfilling the aims of commercial and residential projects. Increasingly buildings need to connect with both the neighbouring urban and natural environments.
Ensure that your project not only measures up to purpose but also meets current civil engineering legislation, with the expert advice of HA Consulting Engineers.

Creating roads and infrastructure

One of the most common civil engineering project types we face is creating structural drawings for roads. Often these need to be constructed for adoption by local councils and are thus required to meet the stringent Standards for Highways. HA Consulting Engineers have worked on several road construction projects ranging from connecting streets and junctions on housing estates through to non-adopted roads for private residences.

Effective drainage

One of the primary concerns in modern civil engineering projects is creating sufficient drainage to manage excess rainwater from sites and roadways. Accommodating extra flow and creating contingency for flooding makes this a serious consideration when planning new constructions. HA Consulting Engineers utilises both innovative and established systems of water management that comply with current SUDS drainage legislations.

Meeting environmental controls and standards

Once the practical phase of any civil engineering project is initialised there is little room for errors or hold-ups. Key to the smooth progress of each stage is an intrinsic understanding of the controls and restrictions placed on construction methods. HA Consulting Engineers hold an extensive working knowledge of all current regulations, which means that a fast, problem-free process is built into our plans.