Structural Design

Meeting key industry standards and expectations allows our service to operate cohesively with your projects.

Structural Engineering: How our service works

Operating as part of a larger team is standard work for HA Consulting Engineers, and at the cornerstone of our approach is a strong culture of proactive communication. Not only do we provide feedback from design checks, surveys and tests in an efficient manner, but we also liaise with architects and team leaders to ensure there is a clarity of vision.

If you want a consistent service that enables teamwork and collaboration, whilst generating the best results within the constraints of your project – then HA Consulting Engineers is the first choice when it comes to reliable solutions.

Universal Software Systems

The construction industry rapidly evolves to take advantage of technology’s ability to streamline working processes, and at HA Consulting Engineering we are constantly updating our skills to not only accommodate the needs of our clients, but also improve our own service.
To ensure that our software is fully conversant with that of our clients, we utilise standard Building Information Modelling (BIM) formats. Our preferred software systems are Revit and Finite Element Analysis, and we the ability to complete projects in accordance with BIM Level 4.

Access to Technical Specialists

To respond to the range of challenges that can arise during projects, HA Consulting Engineers has access to a number of proven technical partners with specialist skills in key areas. When problems occur, we quickly deploy the experts necessary to investigate all the aspects of any issue, allowing us to form conclusions and recommend action.
All our partners have been chosen based on long term performance and realistic costings. At the foundation of all these relationships is the same communication style that ensures we collect and analyse all the available data to quickly overcome any challenges within the construction process.


At HA Consulting Engineers, we work to established industry standards, assuring our clients that the technical constraints of all projects will be met.
• Chartered member of the Institute of structural engineers

• Chartered member of the Institute of civil engineers

• Fully conversant with Building Regulations Part A

• Compliant with international management standard ISO 9001:2015