Barn Conversions

Verify your building designs with the structural expertise of HA Consulting Engineers

Achieve approval for your agricultural conversion

Do you have an idea to convert an older building and want to understand the best way to utilise the space? With the right architectural design support, it is possible to make these historical structures into highly desirable country homes.
HA Consulting Engineers has a proven track record of supporting agricultural conversion projects produce an optimal result within budgetary constraints – and can help you achieve similar outcomes.

Constructing Desirable Results

One challenge faced by all barn conversion clients is checking that the structure is viable and safe. Using our expertise and knowledge, we can work with your architects to create a robust constructional framework that will ensure the longevity of the building whilst still achieving the desired design.

Planning Support

In the first instance, we produce an overview of the structure to support your planning application. Every aspect of the new design is reviewed, and the necessary calculations are performed to verify the internal integrity of the proposed conversion.
Where necessary this includes the implementation of all essential facilities including drainage, water and electricity.

Innovative Structural Solutions

One of our most common solutions is creating a new skeleton structure within the existing building to support the outer shell. Many designs including secondary floors, mezzanines, landings and staircases can be used to maximise the available space within the agricultural building, which will ultimately improve its final sale value.

Creating Attractive Features

With today’s building techniques, it is possible for you to achieve outstanding and incredibly striking results from your barn conversion. This includes everything from enhancing and highlighting existing structures such as rustic brickwork and old beams through to the installation of highly sleek and modern design features.

Your Next Step

HA Consulting Engineers has a proven track record of supporting architects and builders in securing planning permission for their barn conversions, working alongside architects to generate that vital desirability that maximises sale price. Engage our services at the earliest possible time in the design process to get the full benefit from our expertise.