13th July 2018

If you can’t get your hand in your crack, you probably don’t need to worry


When is a crack not a crack?

Cracks come in all shapes and sizes and varying degrees of severity. For instance, some cracks in plaster work can appear due to settlement of new buildings and are not usually anything to worry about.

According to director at HA Consulting Engineers, Jason Stordy;

“If you can’t get your hand in your crack, you probably don’t need to worry – but its still worth us having a look!”

However, more serious issues can arise when the structure of a building has been weakened. Addressing drainage problems can often provide the structural solutions needed for a successful renovation project.

Structural issues can occur when drainage is in-efficient and water has entered the ground at the base of a building, eroding the supporting soil. This can be a common occurrence in Norfolk due to the granular, sandy soil type we have in the region.

We were recently asked to survey a local barn conversion project where exactly that had happened. A lack of guttering had caused structural issues, causing cracks to form throughout the brickwork of the barn. As you can see from the picture, our engineer Daniel was able to assess and measure the depths of the cracks and carry out tests on the ground conditions locally, to enable us to determine the cause. We then provided a full report detailing a suitable remedial solution.

If you would like advice on a renovation project or a building survey, please contact one of the team at HA Consulting Engineers.